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Table 2 Comparison of acrylamide intake mean values from dietary records and food frequency questionnaires

From: Variations in the estimated intake of acrylamide from food in the Japanese population

Mean(SD)Median(5thpercentile, 95thpercentile)Mean(SD)Median(5thpercentile, 95thpercentile)
Crude acrylamide intake (μg/day)
 Men (n = 98)9.80(5.34)8.87(3.54,21.24)9.27(5.14)8.44(3.20,22.86)-5
 Women (n = 142)10.21(5.15)9.33(4.14,17.60)9.98(4.88)9.39(3.80,18.97)-2
 All (n = 240)10.04(5.22)9.00(4.00,19.16)9.69(4.99)8.99(3.60,19.50)−3
Crude acrylamide intake (μg/kg body weight/day)
 Men (n = 98)0.15(0.08)0.13(0.05,0.27)0.14(0.08)0.12(0.05,0.33)−7
 Women (n = 142)0.19(0.10)0.17(0.07,0.32)0.18(0.09)0.17(0.07,0.36)−5
 All (n = 240)0.17(0.09)0.15(0.06,0.31)0.16(0.09)0.15(0.06,0.34)−6
  1. DR dietary record, FFQ food frequency questionnaire for validation analysis, SD standard deviation
  2. a Percentage differences (%) were calculated from the following formula: (“mean FFQ” − “mean DR”)/ “mean DR” × 100