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Table 1 MIND diet components

From: Association between adherence to MIND diet and general and abdominal obesity: a cross-sectional study

Brain healthy foods
 Green leafy vegetablesCabbage, greens, lettuce
 Other vegetablesGreen/red peppers, raw carrot, potato, peas or lima beans, tomatoes, tomato sauce, eggplant, onion, cucumber
 BerriesStrawberries (strawberry, cherries, fresh berries)
 NutsWalnuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, almonds, peanuts
 Whole grainsDark bread (Iranian)
 BeansBeans, lentils, peas, chick pea, mung bean
Brain unhealthy foods
 Butter, margarineButter, margarine, animal fats
 Red meat and productsRed meat, hamburger, sausages
 Fast fried foodsFrench fries, pizza
 Pastries and sweetsBiscuit, cake, chocolate, ice cream, confections, cocoa, Gaz (an Iranian confectionery made of sugar, nuts and tamarisk), Gooshfil (an Iranian confectionery made of white flour and sugar)