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Table 5 Multivariable adjusted ORs and 95% CIs for constipation across the quartile (Q) categories of dietary pattern scores in Zhejiang Province, China

From: Empirically derived dietary patterns and constipation among a middle-aged population from China, 2016–2018

 Traditional southern Chinese pattern ScoreWestern pattern ScoreGrains-vegetables Pattern Score
Model 11.000.52 (0.404,0.661)0.0001.001.41 (1.104,1.786) (0.528, 0.814)0.008
Model 21.000.68 (0.527,0.839)0.0001.001.11 (0.896,1.377) (0.669, 1.072)0.128
Model 31.000.79 (0.626,0.981) (0.873,1.336)0.591.000.93 (0.750, 1.195)0.602
  1. OR Odds ratio; 95%CI 95% confidence interval. Model 1:adjusted for gender and age; Model 2: further adjusted for education level(<high school, high school, >high school),physical activity level (light, moderate, and heavy), smoking status (never, current, former), alcohol intake, BMI (continuous),and total energy intake; Model 3: additionally adjusted for total fiber intake. Q4: the highest quartile of dietary patterns, Q1: the lowest quartile of dietary patterns (reference); CI: confidence interval