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Table 7 Recommendations for a Czech family of four living on minimum wage to achieve a food supply that is nutritionally adequate and that is as similar as possible to observed food supply patterns in the Czech Republic

From: Nutritionally adequate food baskets optimised for cultural acceptability as basis for dietary guidelines for low-income Czech families

- Increase your vegetable consumption to up to 570 g per day
- Consume by 20% more cereals, preferably wholegrain
- Drink more milk every day, up to 2.2 l daily
- Reduce consumption of milk products, such as cheese or yoghurts by half
- Consume more vegetable-based fats and oils up to 290 g per day
- Reduce your meat consumption by half, to about 200 g per day
- Reduce consumption of fruits and juices by 2/3 to about 190 g per day
- Eat by 60% less salt and no more than 12 g per day
- Reduce consumption of sweets and confectionery, especially sugar and biscuits to 1/3
- Consume on average around 20 g of nuts and seeds, such as peanuts or sesame seeds per day
- Consume on average around 40 g of pulses, such as yellow peas or beans per day (~ 20 g raw weight)