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Table 4 The cost-determining nutrients in the LCFB. “AC” indicates the corresponding nutrient to be an active constraint that determines the overall cost of the LCFB

From: Nutritionally adequate food baskets optimised for cultural acceptability as basis for dietary guidelines for low-income Czech families

 Lower limitsUpper limits
Protein (g)    100%  100%
Fat (g)ACACACAC    
n-3 PUFA (g)ACACAC     
n-6 PUFA (g)    ACACACAC
Added sugars       AC
Riboflavin (μg)   AC    
Niacin (μg)ACAC AC    
Folic Acid (μg)ACACACAC    
Vitamin C (mg)AC ACAC    
Vitamin E (μg)   AC    
Calcium (mg)ACACACAC    
Potassium (mg)   AC    
Sodium (mg)    AC  AC
Iodine (μg)ACACAC     
Selenium (μg)AC AC