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Table 3 Composition of The Czech food basket with the highest affordability (LCFB)

From: Nutritionally adequate food baskets optimised for cultural acceptability as basis for dietary guidelines for low-income Czech families

CategoryFood (group) name, EnglishRDWeight, raw (g)Cost (CZK)
MilkMilk, skimmed+ 473%94613.2
VegetablesIceberg Lettuce+ 181,560%994732.7
CerealsWheat flour, medium-ground+ 391%105815.2
Wheat flour wholegrain2438.5
Barley groats+ 1783%982.5
Pasta, (without egg)+ 1915%39213.2
Nuts & seedsPoppy seeds+ 2777%32.63.8
MeatLiver, chicken−56%11.32.1
FishHerring in oil−19%1091.9
Fats & oilsPork lard+ 786%1838.9
Vegetable fat spread(72% fat)+ 345%26.318.3
Olive oil33.97.6
  1. RD relative deviation