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Table 2 Names, objective functions, and sets of constraints applied to each of the four food baskets calculated

From: Nutritionally adequate food baskets optimised for cultural acceptability as basis for dietary guidelines for low-income Czech families

Model names and acronymsObjective functionSet of constraints enforced
Lowest-Cost Food Basket (LCFB)Cost (min)EERs, AMDRs, RNIs
Budget-Unconstrained Food Basket Optimized for Cultural Acceptability (UCFB)TRD (min)EERs, AMDRs, RNIs
Food Basket for a Family on Median Income Optimized for Cultural Acceptability (MIFB)TRD (min)EERs, AMDRs, RNIs, MIFC
Food Baskets Optimized for Cultural Acceptability in a Low-Income Family (MWFB)TRD (min)EERs, AMDRs, RNIs, MWFC
  1. TRD total relative deviation, EERs estimated energy requirements, AMDRs acceptable macronutrient distribution ranges, RNIs recommended nutrient intakes, MIFC median income food budget (CZK 301.5), MWFC minimum wage food budget (CZK 177.7)