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Table 3 Key findings on vitamin D deficiency on ARI duration and/or severity

From: Association between micronutrient deficiency and acute respiratory infections in healthy adults: a systematic review of observational studies

OutcomeAuthor, YearPopulation Health StatusOutcome ascertainmentMedian duration/severity per episode (Interquartile range)
Duration of ARI/pneumonia episodeLaaksi, 2007 [19]HealthyNumber of days absent from duty due to RTI4 (2,6)2 (0, 4)a
He, 2013 [17]HealthyTotal number of days with a symptom score of ≥5 in daily symptom diary13 (10, 17)8 (5, 14)a8 (6, 9)a5 (5,7)a
Sabetta, 2010 [24]HealthySymptom diary and follow-up by clinician every 1–3 days until asymptomatic6 (2, 8)Percentage of days ill (days ill/days observed): 3.9% (777/19763)6 (2, 27)Percentage of days ill (days ill/days observed): 0.80% (16/1994)
Severity of ARI/pneumonia episodeHe, 2013 [17]HealthySymptom diary; total symptom score for every subject each day was calculated as a sum of multiplied numbers of symptoms experienced by the numerical severity ratings (1 = mild, 2 = moderate, 3 = severe)102 (67, 199)62 (46, 74)a47 (40, 69)a43 (38, 52)a
  1. aSignificantly shorter than duration in deficient groups