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Table 2 Maternal motivations for choosing to take a nutrition supplement/s during pregnancy. (Respondents were asked to select all options that applied to them)

From: Omega-3 fatty acids to prevent preterm birth: Australian pregnant women’s preterm birth awareness and intentions to increase omega-3 fatty acid intake

MotivationN (%)
For the health of my baby448 (71.7)
Advice given to me430 (68.8)
To keep me healthy during pregnancy375 (60.0)
A supplement was the easiest way to get the nutrients I need163 (26.1)
I took supplements in my other pregnanciesa136 (35.8)
I’ve seen/heard that other pregnant women are taking it109 (17.4)
The supplements were given to me22 (3.5)
Other7 (1.1)
  1. aCalculated as the % of multiparous women who indicated they took a nutrition supplement during pregnancy