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Table 5 Multiple linear regression of predictors of dietary change in principal component scores at four-years in womena

From: Education and lifestyle predict change in dietary patterns and diet quality of adults 55 years and over

 Factor 1 Vegetables, fruit, & fishFactor 2 Cakes, processed meat, hot chips & confectionary
 Model 1bModel 2cModel 1bModel 2
nβ95% CIP-Valueβ95% CIP-Valueβ95% CIP-Valueβ95% CIP-Value
 up to year 10400Ref.Ref.Ref.Ref.
 Year 12, trade or certificate3530.03−−−0.01−0.030.0090.248−0.01−
 University degree3520.05−−−0.02−0.05− 0.0030.029− 0.02−0.040.0010.065
 Retired499− 0.03−− 0.05−0.110.0080.0910.001−−0.007−
Relationship status
 Living as married854Ref.Ref.Ref.Ref.
 Separated, divorced or widowed208−0.01−−0.002−−0.04−−0.02−0.040.0060.126
 Never married43− 0.02−−0.02−−0.007−−
Weight loss intentions
 Not trying anything for my weight480Ref.Ref.Ref.Ref.
 Trying to avoid gaining weight265−0.01−−0.02− 0.09− 0.170.577− 0.01− 0.030.0030.093− 0.01− 0.030.0050.185
 Trying to lose weight260−0.09−0.17− 0.020.017− 0.08−0.160.0060.0670.009−−0.004−
Smoking status
 Never smoked640Ref.Ref.Ref.Ref.
 Former smoker373−0.06−−0.06−−0.01−0.030.0080.242−0.01−0.030.0090.301
 Current smoker92−0.11−−0.10−−0.0040.060.1660.03−
Meeting PA guidelines6340.−0.00090.120.054−0.008−−0.006−
Diagnosis of CM-related condition
 No CM-related conditions491Ref.Ref.Ref.Ref.
 Diagnosed prior to 2010493−0.03−−0.006−−−0.003−
 Newly diagnosed within 2010–2014121−0.10−−0.09−−0.02−0.040.0090.199−0.02−0.050.0040.113
  1. Abbreviations: CI confidence interval. Ref. reference category, PA physical activity. CM, cardiometabolic
  2. a. Baseline (2010) characteristics unless otherwise indicated
  3. b. Model 1: adjusted for sampling postcode clustering and baseline PCA score
  4. c. Model 2: adjusted for model 1 and additionally adjusted for age, body mass index, smoking and physical activity, where appropriate