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Table 2 2010 key food group factor loadings for the two dietary patterns derived by principal component analysisa

From: Education and lifestyle predict change in dietary patterns and diet quality of adults 55 years and over

2010 Factor 12010 Factor 1
 Eigenvalue4.39 Eigenvalue4.19
 Variance explained5.8% Variance explained7.8%
 Vegetable dishes0.31 Other vegetables0.34
 Fish and other seafood0.31 Salad vegetables0.34
 Oil and vinegar salad dressing0.31 Vegetable dishes0.29
 Salad vegetables0.28 Dark green and cruciferous vegetables0.29
 Rice0.24 Fruit0.26
 Legumes or beans0.22 Fish and other seafood0.25
 Cottage or ricotta cheese0.22 Orange vegetables0.25
 Fruit0.22 Legumes or beans0.23
 Poultry0.20 Nuts or seeds0.23
2010 Factor 22010 Factor 2
 Eigenvalue2.22 Eigenvalue3.26
 Variance explained5.6% Variance explained6.5%
 Processed or cured meat0.29 Cakes, pastries or other desserts0.27
 Pizza and/or Hamburger0.28 Processed or cured meat0.26
 Red meat0.28 Sweet biscuits0.25
 White bread0.25 Hot chips, roast potato or wedges0.23
 Fried or battered fish0.25 Chocolate or confectionary0.23
 High-joule drinks0.23 High-joule drinks0.23
 Hot chips, roast potato or wedges0.20 Meat pie or sausage rolls0.22
 Muesli or porridge−0.20 Potato0.21
 Reduced fat milk−0.22 
  1. aOnly food groups with factor loadings | ≥ 0.2| are displayed in table and are listed in order for simplicity and ease of interpretation