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Table 1 Test meal composition of the Smart WASHOKU and control meals

From: The study of metabolic improvement by nutritional intervention controlling endogenous GIP (Mini Egg study): a randomized, cross-over study

Variables Smart WASHOKU Control meal
Test meal
 Staple food Steamed brown rice Small portion steamed rice
 Main dish Simmered mackerel with soy sauce Hashed beef
 Side dish Simmered daikon, fried fish balls and shiitake mushrooms in soy sauce, simmered vegetables and beans, Boiled quail eggs, processed cheese
 Soup Wakame seaweed soup -
Total energy, kcal 661 636
Protein, % 20.5 14.2
Fat, % 22.6 34.4
Carbohydrate, % 56.9 51.5
Protein/fat ratio 0.905 0.412
Fiber/carbohydrate ratio 0.154 0.027
n-3 fatty acid/lipid ratio 0.090 0.019