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Table 1 Food items included in the 40 food groups used in Latent Cluster Analyses

From: Changes in food intake patterns during 2000–2007 and 2008–2016 in the population-based Northern Sweden Diet Database

Food group Food items
High-fat spreads Butter and high-fat margarine (80% fat)
Low-fat spreads Low-fat margarine (40% fat)
Oil Vegetable oils in cooking and as salad dressing
Butter in cooking Butter used in cooking
Margarine in cooking Margarine used in cooking
Fruit All fruits and berries
High-fiber vegetables Root vegetables, lettuce, cabbage, kale etc.
Low-fiber vegetables Tomato, cucumber
Milk, 0.5% Milk, fermented milk 0.5% fat
Milk, 1.5% Milk, fermented milk 1.5% fat
Milk, 3.0% Milk, fermented milk 3.0% fat
Cream Cream, sour cream, crème fraiche
High-fat cheese Cheese, hard, 28% fat
Low-fat cheese Cheese, hard, 17% fat
High-fiber cereals Oat-, graham- and rye porridge and fiber-rich muesli
Low-fiber cereals Corn flakes etc.
White bread White bread, soft and hard
High-fiber bread High fiber bread, soft and hard
Boiled potato Boiled and mashed potato
Fried potato Fried potato and French fries
Pasta and rice Pasta, macaroni and rice
Fish High fat and lean fish, shellfish
Red meat Minced meat, stew, steak
Bacon and sausage Bacon and sausage
Chicken Chicken, hen
Cold cuts Meat, sausage and liverwurst on sandwich
Pancakes and dumplings Pancakes, dumplings
Pulses Beans, peas etc.
Sweets Candies, chocolate
Sugar and jam Sugar, marmalade, jam, honey
Ice cream Ice cream
Cookies Cookies, cakes
Snacks Chips, popcorn, peanuts
Soda Sodas
Coffee Coffee (boiled and filtered)
Tea Tea
Beer All types of beer
Wine Red and white wine
Spirits All types of spirits
Fast food Pizza and hamburger