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Table 2 Food frequency questionnaire with 60 items

From: Evaluation of a questionnaire to assess nutritional knowledge, attitudes and practices in a Thai population

Food groups Food items
Milk and dairy products (6 items) Whole milk, fermented milk, low fat milk, sweetened whole milk, yoghurt, cheese etc.
Rice (7 items) Steamed rice, glutinous rice, noodle, instant noodle etc.
Meat and products (10 items) Pork, chicken, beef, fish, egg, bacon etc.
Vegetables (4 items) Chinese kale, bitter cucumber, carrot, sesbania flower
Fruits (4 items) Banana, mango, orange, guava
Cereals and products(5 items) Peanut, mung bean, soy milk, tofu, sunflower seed
Dessert (2 item) Any dishes cooked with coconut milk (such as banana with coconut milk), any dishes cooked with syrup (such as black grass jelly with syrup)
Beverages (6 items) Fruit juice (40%), soda beverage, cold coffee, green tea frappe, fruit frappe
Fats (3 items) Animal oil, rice barn oil, soy bean oil
Miscellaneous (13 items) Hamburger, bakery, bread, cake, green curry etc.