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Table 3 Mean and standard deviation of vitamin D levels in patients participated in two groups taking high and low doses of vitamin D at the beginning and end of the study*

From: The effects of two vitamin D regimens on ulcerative colitis activity index, quality of life and oxidant/anti-oxidant status

Variables Time of the study P-valuea
Beginning of study End of study
Serum 25-hydroxy vitamin D (ng/mL)
 High dose group 21.83 ± 9.69 28.99 ± 8.69 < 0.001
 Low dose group 24.37 ± 8.14 28.75 ± 11.90 0.192
P-valueb 0.377 0.936  
  1. * Values are reported as Mean ± standard deviation
  2. awithin groups; b between groups