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Table 2 The 56-food list of the developed FFQ to assess the dietary intake of energy, macronutrients, and calcium of school-aged children in Cambodia

From: Development and validation of a food frequency questionnaire (FFQ) for assessing dietary macronutrients and calcium intake in Cambodian school-aged children

Food group Food name
1-Cereal and cereal product Boiled rice, Rice noodle, Bread, Wheat noodle, Corn
2-Tuber and starchy Sweet potato
3-Vegetables Morning glory, Amaranth, Spinach, Cucumber, Bean sprout
4-Fruits Yellow banana, Green banana, Coconut cream, Guava, Green mango, Ripe papaya, Spanish plum, Rambutan,
5-Legume and nuts Soybean fermented, Soybean milk, Boiled mung bean, Roasted peanut
6-Meats and meat products Beef, Pork, Beef meat ball, Chicken, Pork blood,
7-Egg Duck egg
8-Fish and Selfish Snakehead fish, Clam, Snail, Shrimp, Crab, Canned fish, Dried shrimp
9-Milk and milk product Fresh milk, Yogurt, Yogurt drink, Cheese, Milk powder, Ice cream, Condensed milk
10-Confectionary Rice cake, Snack, Mung bean cake
11-Beverage Milo powder, Ovaltine powder, Soft drink juice, Soft drink tea,
12-Fats and oils Oil
13-Sugars and syrup Sugars
14-Condiments and spice Fish paste, Fish sauce, Salt, Fermented fish
  1. FFQ food frequency questionnaire