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Table 2 Differences between the means of weight-for-age, height-for-age and head circumference-for-age z-scores at birth and 12–23 months of infants with microcephaly treated at the IFF/FIOCRUZ, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, June–December 2017

From: Infants with microcephaly due to ZIKA virus exposure: nutritional status and food practices

Variable N Mean P-value1
W/A z-score2 at birth 64 −1.11 0.017
W/A z-score2 at the nutritional consultation5 64 −1.62
H/A z-score3 at birth 64 −0.93 <  0.000
H/A z-score3 at the nutritional consultation 64 −1.94
HC/A z-score4 at birth 65 −3.14 < 0.000
HC/A z-score4 at the nutritional consultation5 65 −5.43
  1. 1Paired Student’s t-test; 2weight-for-age; 3height-for-age; 4head circumference-for-age; 512–23 months of age