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Table 2 Search strategy for Mintel Global New Product Database

From: Vegetables and legumes in new Australasian food launches: how are they being used and are they a healthy choice?

Search variables Parameters
Country Australia
Date published Between May 2012 and May 2017
Ingredient search “Vegetables and Vegetable Products and all child ingredients”
Mintel GNPD categories included ‘Baby food’, ‘bakery’, ‘breakfast cereals’, ‘dairy’, ‘desserts & ice cream’, ‘fruit & vegetables’, ‘meal & meal centers’, ‘processed fish/meat/egg products’, ‘savoury spreads’, ‘side dishes’, ‘snacks’, ‘soup’, ‘sweet spreads’, ‘juice drinks’, ‘other beverages’, ‘RTDs’, ‘sports & energy drinks’, ‘sauces & seasonings’ (sub-categories: ‘cooking sauces’, ‘other sauces & seasonings’, ‘pasta sauces’, ‘pickled condiments’, ‘table sauces’)
Mintel GNPD categories excluded ‘Chocolate confectionary‘, ‘sugar & gum confectionary’, ‘sweeteners & sugar’, ‘alcoholic beverages’, ‘carbonated soft drinks’, ‘hot beverages’, ‘water’, ‘pet food’, ‘sauces & seasonings’ (sub-categories: ‘dressings & vinegar’, ‘mayonnaise’, ‘oils’, ‘seasonings’, ‘stocks’)