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Table 4 Food groups used in dietary pattern analysis

From: Dietary patterns during pregnancy and risk of gestational diabetes: a prospective cohort study in Western China

# Food group Food items
1 Green leafy vegetables Lettuce leaves, lettuce head, Chinese mallow, Swiss chard, young garlic shoot, celery, pak choi, Houttuynia cordata, flower Chinese cabbage, pea seedlings, spinach, garlic bolt, water spinach, bamboo shoots, green Chinese onion, Chinese toon, Chinese chives, caraway
2 Cruciferous vegetables Cabbage, cauliflower
3 Gourd/melon family vegetables Cucumber, eggplant, bitter gourd, green chilies, towel gourd
4 Red/orange vegetables Carrot, pumpkin, tomato
5 Potatoes Potato
6 Root vegetables Lotus root, sweet potato, white radish, garlic
7 Bean vegetables Broad bean, soybean, soybean sprouts, green bean, mung bean sprouts, string bean, pea
8 Bean products Tofu, dried tofu, soybean milk, bean curd jelly, Chinese vermicelli, Chinese jelly noodles
9 Mushrooms Mushroom, black fungus, oyster mushroom, needle mushroom, white fungus
10 Sea vegetables Seaweed, sea lettuce
11 Pickled vegetables Pickled Chinese cabbage, pickled garlic, pickled radish, preserved Szechuan pickle
12 Fruits Apple, orange, banana, pear
13 Nuts and seeds Peanut, walnut, sesame, sunflower seed
14 Pork Pork, pork ribs, pork fat, trotters
15 Pig blood curd Pig blood curd
16 Lean pork meat Lean pork
17 Beef Beef
18 Ox tripe Ox tripe
19 Organ meat Pork liver, pig kidney, pork intestine, duck gizzard, duck intestine
20 Poultry Chicken, duck, goose
21 Processed meat Sausage, preserved meat
22 Fish Silver carp, crucian, grass carp, eel, hair tail
23 Squid Squid
24 Milk Milk
25 Eggs Egg, duck egg
26 Processed eggs Preserved egg, salted duck egg
27 Rice Polished round-grained rice, glutinous rice, rice noodles
28 Noodles Noodles, instant noodles
29 Bread Bread, steamed bun, steamed twisted roll, flour
30 Maize Corn, maize flour
31 Alcohol Beer, Chinese liquor
32 Coffee/Tea Coffee, tea