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Table 1 Food items/groups constituting the dietary patterns prevalent in the study populationab

From: Environmental footprints of food consumption and dietary patterns among Lebanese adults: a cross-sectional study

Western Lebanese-Mediterranean High-Protein
Pizza, pies and refined grains (0.63) Fruits (0.64) Poultry (0.69)
Fast food sandwiches(0.57) Legumes (0.56) Meat (0.63)
Sweets (0.53) Whole dairy products (0.53) Fish (0.59)
Regular soda (0.51) Olives (0.47) Low fat dairy products (0.55)
Mayonnaise (0.45) Vegetables (0.45) Hot drinks (0.35)
Nuts and Seeds (0.43) Burghol (whole wheat parboiled and crushed) (0.34) Breakfast cereals (0.22)
Eggs(0.4) Dried fruits (0.29) Light soda (0.22)
Fats and oils(0.37) Traditional suits (0.25)  
Ice cream(0.31)   
Bottled fruit juices(0.23)   
Alcoholic beverages (0.21)   
  1. aFactor loading of the various food groups/items are presented in ()
  2. bThe dietary patterns and the food items-and their factor loading- making up these patterns were taken from data of Matta et al. (2016) [21]