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Table 1 Estimation of the possible number of deaths from SAM that would be missed using a MUAC only program

From: Severely malnourished children with a low weight-for-height have a higher mortality than those with a low mid-upper-arm-circumference: III. Effect of case-load on malnutrition related mortality– policy implications

  WHZ deaths Total deaths WHZ only (S-whz) MUAC only (S-muac) Both criteria (S-both) MUAC-only %missed WHZ-only %missed
Global 540,000a 817,000 309,000 277,000 231,000 37.8 33.9
India 270, 000b 309,000 155,000 39,000 115,000 50.2 12.6
  1. The estimates of total deaths and proportions were derived as in methods. WHZ deaths deaths estimated by WHZ < −3Z (i.e. S-whz + S-both); Total deaths WHZ deaths plus MUAC-only deaths based on ratios found in reference [12] for Global and India (S-both = 16.5 and 22.9%). Equal mortality risk for S-whz < −3Z and S-muac < 115 mm and twice the mortality risk for S-both is assumed. a Data from reference [1]; b Data from reference [29]