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Table 3 Factor loadings for dietary patterns derived from exploratory factor analysis

From: Dietary pattern is associated with obesity in Chinese children and adolescents: data from China Health and Nutrition Survey (CHNS)

  Traditional pattern Modern pattern
Rice 0.7401  
Wheat noodles   −0.2918
Wheat flour −0.4377  
Wheat buns, breads −0.5472 0.2077
Cakes, cookies and pastries   0.4780
Deep-fried wheat   
Corn and coarse grain −0.3337  
Starchy roots and tubers   
Fresh legumes   
Dried legumes   
Legume products   0.3734
Nuts and seeds   0.4711
Fresh vegetables, non-leafy −0.2290  
Fresh vegetables, leafy 0.6119  
Pickled and salted vegetables   0.2529
Fruits   0.5154
Red meat 0.2667 0.2245
Pork 0.4855  
Organ meats   
Processed meats   0.3149
Poultry and game 0.2555 0.3335
Eggs and eggs products −0.3168 0.3282
Fish and seafood 0.2524 0.4346
Milk and dairy products   0.4770
Fast food   0.4726
Sweetened beverages   
  1. Dietary patterns were identified at baseline (in 2006). Absolute values< 0.20 are excluded from the table for simplicity