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Table 1 Thirty-seven food groups derived from the 140-item food frequency questionnaire of the Mexican Teachers’ Cohorta

From: Western and Modern Mexican dietary patterns are directly associated with incident hypertension in Mexican women: a prospective follow-up study

Food group Description
Carrots Carrots
Tomato Red tomato cooked and raw
Green vegetables Lettuce, dark leafy greens, broccoli or cauliflower, cabbage
Starchy vegetables Potatoes and corn
Other vegetables Onions, tomatillo, cucumber, squash/chayote, avocado, nopal, jicama, green beans, beets, pumpkin flowers
Hot peppers Hot peppers sauce, hot peppers canned, dried hot peppers
Fruits Lime, orange/mandarin, apple, papaya, banana, mango, guava, pear, pineapple, melon, watermelon, apricot, grapes, prickly pear, strawberries, grapefruit, raisins, plum, mamey, sapodilla
Legumes Beans, Green peas, lentils, broad beans
Nuts Peanuts, walnuts, almonds - unprocessed
Milk and yogurt Whole, skim and semi milk, soy milk, yogurt or bulgurs
Cheese Fresh cheese, Oaxaca, Cream cheese, Other types of cheese, Manchego/Chihuahua cheese
Egg Egg
Seafood Canned tuna, white fish, shrimp, fatty fish, other seafood, canned sardines, and dry fish
Poultry Chicken
Red meat Beef, pork, barbacoa, carnitas, dry beef, birria
Organs Liver, pancita or menudo
Pozole Pozole
Corn tortilla Corn tortilla
Pasta and rice Rice and pasta
Refined grains French style baguette, ready to eat cereals, white loaf of bread, wheat flour tortilla, saltine crackers
Whole grain Whole loaf of bread, high fiber ready to eat cereals
Atole Atole with and without milk
Breakfast and cereal bars Oats, granola bars
Candies and jams Candy, jams, chocolate
Pastries Sweet bread, cookies, donuts, cakes
Milk desserts Jello or flan, fermented milk drink, Ice cream, petit suisse,
Fast foods Pizza, hotdog, hamburguers
Meat by products Turkey ham, pork ham, sausage, chorizo/longaniza, pork skins, bacon, other cold meats
Antojitos Sopes/quesadillas, tacos, tamales, tortas
Butter, margarine and cream Cream, butter, margarine
Snacks Fried snacks, processed snack nuts
Coffee and tea Regular or decaf coffee and tea
Soda Regular soda
SSBs Fruit waters, hibiscus water
Juice Orange juice
Alcohol Beer, tequila, brandy, whisky, rum, pulque, mezcal, aguardiente
Wine Wine
  1. aFoods within food groups appear in increasing frequency of consumption