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Table 3 Odds Ratios for the lower quartile of total ASQ-3 and subscale scores compared with Non-deficient vitamin-D status (≥ 10 ng/ml) adjusting for confoundersa

From: Vitamin-D status and neurodevelopment and growth in young north Indian children: a secondary data analysis

(Vitamin-D status ≥ 10 ng/ml)
(Vitamin-D status < 10 ng/ml)
OR OR 95% CI
Total ASQ-3 1 1.36 0.79 to2.31
 Communication 1 1.58 0.97to 2.59
 Gross motor 1 1.27 0.80 to 2.03
 Fine motor 1 1.31 0.81to 2.11
 Problem-solving 1 1.33 0.84to 2.11
 Personal - social 1 1.63 1.03to 2.58*
  1. *p < 0.05
  2. aAdjusted for: age of child, mother’s years of schooling, father’s years of schooling, log transformed annual family income, family structure, number of toys in the family, whether or not the family owns books, number of children in the family, hours of play with other children during the week, mother’s belief that child’s behavior can be modified, mother’s encouragement of developmental advances, weight-for-height Z score, weight for-age Z scores, anemia status at baseline and intervention group