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Table 1 Non-nutritive sweeteners available in the USA and the European Union, and their Acceptable Daily Intake levels, as defined by regulatory bodies

From: Health outcomes of non-nutritive sweeteners: analysis of the research landscape

  Acceptable Daily Intake defined by the FDA (mg/kg bw) Acceptable Daily Intake defined by the SCF/EFSA (mg/kg bw)
ACE K 15 9
Advantame 32.8 5
Aspartame 50 40
Cyclamate not approved 7
Luo Han Guo fruit extracts not specified not specified
Neohesperidine DC not approved 5
Neotame 0.3 2
Saccharin 15 5
Sucralose 5 15
Steviol glycosides 4 4
Thaumatin not approved not specified
  1. Abbreviations: EFSA European Food Safety Authority, FDA Food and Drug Administration, SCF Scientific Committee on Food (European Commission)