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Table 2 The clinical trials included in the earlier meta-analyses

From: The effect of replacing saturated fat with mostly n-6 polyunsaturated fat on coronary heart disease: a meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials

  Skeaff and Miller [14] Mozaffarian et al. [19] Hooper et al.a,b [17] Chowdhury et al. [3] Schwingshackl and Hoffman [20] Harcombe et al.b [4] Hooper et al.b [18] Ramsden et al.c [5]
Rose Corn Oil Trial (RCOT) [21] X   X (M)   X X X X (MA)
Ball et al. [34]       X   
Oslo Diet Heart Study (ODHS) [22] X X X (M) X X X X X (SA)
National Diet Heart Study (NDHS) [29]    X (Both)      
Medical Research Council Trial (MRCT) [23] X X X (M) X X X X X (MA)
Los Angeles Veterans Administration Trial (LAVAT) [24] X X X (M) X   X X X (MA)
Finnish Mental Hospital Study (FMHS) [30] X X   X     
Sydney Diet Heart Study (SDHS) [25]    X (M) X X X X X (MA)
Houtsmuller Diabetic Angiopathy Trial (HDAT) [31]    X (M)     X  
Minnesota Coronary Survey (MCS) [26] X X X (M) X     X (MA)
Diet and Reinfarction Trial (DART) [27] X X X (M,R) X X   X X (SA)
St Thomas Atherosclerosis Regression Study (STARS) [28] X X X (M,R) X X   X X (SA)
Black et al. [35]        X  
Moy et al. [36]        X  
Sondergaard et al. [32]    X (M,R)      
Ley et al. [37]        X  
Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) [38]        X  
Women’s Intervention Nutrition Study (WINS) [39]        X  
MeDiet [33]    X (M,R)      
  1. aHooper et al. (2012) categorised trials as either modified fat (M) or both modified and reduced fat (M,R) trials. NDHS included several experimental groups, some of which were prescribed a modified fat diet and others were prescribed a reduced and modified fat diet. Hooper et al. (2012) included these experimental groups individually and categorised them according to their dietary advice (Both). bHooper et al. (2012), Harcombe et al. (2015) and Hooper et al. (2015) included both the olive oil (MUFA) and the corn oil (n-6 PUFA) arms of RCOT as these meta-analyses examined the effect of fat modification. cRamsden et al. included trials that replaced SFA with mainly n-6 PUFA in their main analysis (MA) and conducted a sensitivity analysis (SA) that included trials that also increased intake of long chain n-3 PUFA in addition to replacing SFA with mainly n-6 PUFA (ODHS and STARS) or where participants were only provided with dietary advice (DART)