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Table 4 Correlations between urinary concentrations of amino acids and symptom index scores for each of the three clusters defined by k-means clustering of urinary amino acid profiles for the male participants

From: Diverse characteristics of the urinary excretion of amino acids in humans and the use of amino acid supplementation to reduce fatigue and sub-health in adults

Amino Acid versus Symptom Index
Cluster 1
n = 35
Cluster 2
N = 21
Cluster 3
N = 49
ALA vs GIT r = -.34 ns ns
ABA vs General fatigue ns r = .47 ns
ABA vs Chalder total fatigue ns r = .56 ns
ABA vs Chalder physical fatigue ns r = .46 ns
ABA vs Chalder mental fatigue ns r = .60 ns
BAIB vs General fatigue ns ns r = .50
BAIB vs Pain ns ns r = .37
BAIB vs Vitality ns ns r = .38
BAIB vs Total fatigue ns ns r = .32
BAIB vs Chalder physical fatigue ns ns r = .28
BAIB vs Chalder mental fatigue ns ns r = .33
ASN vs General fatigue r = .34 ns ns
GLY vs GIT r = -.41 ns ns
HYP vs Vitality ns ns r = .37
LEU vs GIT r = -.49 ns ns
ORN vs Chalder mental fatigue ns ns r = .33
PHE vs GIT r = -.40 ns ns
PHE vs Chalder physical fatigue r = .35 ns ns
PHP vs Vitality r = -.37 ns ns
PHP vs Chalder physical fatigue r = -.38 ns ns
TYR vs Chalder physical fatigue r = .38 ns ns
VAL vs GIT r = -.39 ns ns
Total BCAA vs GIT r = -.47 ns ns
Total AA vs GIT r = -.36 ns ns