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Table 2 Food items taken into account in harmonized food groups according to countries

From: A review of total & added sugar intakes and dietary sources in Europe

Country Fruits & vegetable Dairy products Sweet products Beverages
Belgium [23, 53] Pit fruits, fruits unclassified, vegetables Milk; yoghurts; cream desserts/pudding (milk-based) Cakes/pies/pastries/puddings; dry cakes/biscuits; sugar/honey/jam; chocolate(products) Carbonated/soft/isotonic drinks; fruit & vegetable juices; alcoholic drinks
France [25] Fruits, cooked fruits and fruit sauces; vegetables (except potatoes) Milk; fresh dairy products (yoghurt and fresh cheese); cheese; dairy desserts/cream desserts/gelled milks Viennoiseries (croissants, etc.); sweet and savory biscuits and bars; cakes & pastries; ice creams & frozen desserts; sugars and candies; chocolate Fruit & vegetable juices; fruit nectars; soft drinks; coffee; other hot beverages; alcoholic drinks
Italy [29] Fruits, fresh and processed; vegetables, fresh and processed; spices and herbs Milk/milk-based beverages; yoghurts/fermented milks; cheese; milk-based desserts & substitutes Biscuits; savory fine bakery products; cakes & sweet snacks; ice cream/ice lollies and substitutes; chocolate & substitutes; candies, jam & other sweet products; cocoa & cocoa-based powder Coffee, tea, herbal tea and substitutes; fruit & vegetable juices; other soft drinks: alcoholic beverages & substitutes
Norway [31] Vegetables, fruits, berries, jams, preserved fruits; nuts, olives, seeds Milk (all kinds), yoghurt, cheese Sugars and sweets; cakes Pure fruit juices; soft drinks and fruit drinks; beer, wine; liquor
Spain [33] Fruits; vegetables Milks, cheeses, yoghurt & fermented milks; other dairy products Bakery & pastries; sugar; chocolates; jams & others; other sweets Coffee & infusions; sugary soft drinks; non-sweetened soft drinks; sports drinks; energy drinks; juices & nectars; other drinks; alcoholic beverages
The Netherlands [21] Fruits, nuts& olives/vegetables Milk; dairy beverages; yoghurt; cottage cheese; coffee creamer Sugar/honey/jams; confectionery; chocolate; syrups; ice creams; cake & cookies Fruit & vegetable juices; soft drinks; coffee/tea; alcoholic beverages
United Kingdom [34] Fruits; nuts and seeds; vegetables& potatoes Milk and milk products (excluding ice cream) Sugar/preserves& confectionery (including chocolate); ice creams; biscuits; buns/cakes/pastries & fruit pies Fruit juices; soft drinks; tea/coffee; alcoholic beverages; dry weight beverages