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Table 2 The alteration of microbiota in gut in the conditions of obesity

From: Pathophysiological role of host microbiota in the development of obesity

Phylum Class Order (Genera) The trends of changes Reference
Bacteroidetes Bacteroidetes Bacteroidales (Bacteroides) [20, 110, 111]
Bacteroidales (Prevotella) [24, 110]
Firmicutes Bacilli Bacillales (Bacillus) [19]
Lactobacillales [20]
Clostridia Clostridiales (Clostridium) [23, 112]
Actinobacteria Actinobacteria Actinomycetales [23]
Actinobacteria Bifidobacteriales (Bifidobacterium) [12]
Euryarchaeota (domain Archaea) Methanobacteria   [24]