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Table 2 Summary of pre-defined outcomes investigated in included systematic reviews

From: Iodised salt and iodine supplements for prenatal and postnatal growth: a rapid scoping of existing systematic reviews

Systematic review refe Growth indicators (weight, height, stunting, wasting, strength) Pregnancy/birth outcomes Iodine status (UIC, goitre rate) Thyroid function (thyroid hormones (Tg, TSH), thyroid volume, hyper- & hypothyroidism) Analytical methods to assess iodine status Cognitive outcomes (performance, mental development score, psychomotor development) Academic performance, IQ, school absence Health related quality of life, socioeconomic effects Health related quality of life, socioeconomic effects Compliance with supplement/fortification, acceptability, costs Adverse events/morbidity, mortality Prevalence of micronutrient deficiencies
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