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Table 5 Illustrative examples of melamine contamination levels and consumption relative to accepted TDI

From: Melamine contamination in nutritional supplements - Is it an alarm bell for the general consumer, athletes, and ‘Weekend Warriors’?

Description High Medium Low
Concentration of Melamine (ng/g) 127030 6003 218
Formulation Type P/C P P
Indication of Protein/amino acids content on Label (Y/N) No Yes Yes
Product consumption quantity per day based on consumed and dose information (grams) 0.593 32 43
Indication of Melamine content on label (Y/N) No No No
Local/ International Product purchase South Africa Local International International
Dose information per tablet/capsule (grams) 0.593 - -
Total Melamine consumption per day (mg) 0.075 0.192 0.009