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Table 1 Youth projects supported through Bee Quest 2013 and 2014

From: Youth peers put the “invent” into NutriBee’s online intervention

2013 Project title Category of student’s chosen topic
1 Food as symbolism in a Nigerian wedding Culture
2 Sound nutrition: Theme music for NutriBee performed on kitchen instruments Art
3 Nutrition-themed scavenger hunt at the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore Art
4 I salute you, you feed me: Nutrition in the military Journalism
5 Nutrition in action: Nutrition-themed field games Athletics
6 Competitive gymnast interviews athletes on hydration Athletics
7 What owl digestion teaches us about human nutrition STEM
8 Not-so-trivial nutrition quiz kickball Athletics
9 Fishing in the Anishinaabe tradition Culture
10 Preparing an Ojibwe feast. Culture
2014 Project Title  
1 Ballet: Nutrition expressed through movement Athletics
2 Comic strip illustrating a recipe called Prime Number Parfait Art
3 Card game for preteens promoting food selection and portion sizes STEM
4 The origins of Peking Duck Culture
5 An app for apt hydration STEM
6 Transforming a dietary restriction into an opportunity STEM
7 Good for you and good for your planet: A grocery store scavenger hunt Ecology
8 An edible wild plant scavenger hunt in West Virginia’s mountains Ecology
9 Geocaching for health Ecology
10 Illustrating pet nutrition Art
11 A journalistic news story on trending towards nutritious foods Journalism
12 A news story on food blogs Journalism
13 Pottery: Life extension for fruits and vegetables Art
14 Nutrition-themed game for a baby shower STEM
15 Wilderness food preparation for scouts Ecology
16 Interviewing Verron Haynes, Superbowl XL Champion Journalism
17 Running hydrated Athletics