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Table 1 Seizure frequency within different primary brain tumours and within cerebral metastases from various primary tumours

From: Selected pharmacokinetic issues of the use of antiepileptic drugs and parenteral nutrition in critically ill patients

Cerebral tumour Frequency
Primary brain tumours
Malignant Glioma 50%
Low Grade Glioma 75%
Dysembryoblastic neuroepithelial 100%
Ganglioglioma 90%
Cerebral metastases
Melanoma 67%
Lung 39%
Unknown histology 25%
Gastrointestinal tumours 21%
Breast cancer 16%
Non Hodgkin Lymphoma 15%
Gynaecological 11%
Prostate cancer 0%
Others 12%
Total 20-40%
Other neurooncological disease
Neoplastic Meningitis 10%
Oncological patients in general 14%
  1. From Oberndorfer and Grisold (2008) [77] with permission of the author and the publisher.