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Table 2 Classification of foods reported (n = 90) by Senegalese men in the 24-hour recall interview

From: Dietary intake of Senegalese adults

Meat/Poultry/Fish/Meat Alternatives (n = 11): Grains (n = 10): Fruits and Fruit Juices (n = 17):
   Fish (Thiouf, Codfish, Yaboy)    Bread Fruits (n-12)
   Beef/Cow    Porridge    Mango
   Sausage    Cereal paste/millet    Coconut
   Chicken    Flour/baking ingredientsb    Cola nut
   Ox    Fataya (pound wheat)    Banana
   Goat    White rice    Raisins
   Sheep    Couscous    Papaya
   Pork    Pita Bread    Pear
   Eggs/Omeleta    Pasta/macaroni    Watermelon
   Chickpeas    Spaghetti    Apple
   Peanuts      Grapes
      Maad bi
Milk/Dairy Products (n = 4):   Fruit Juices (n = 5)
   Powdered mik      Quinquiliba juice
   Liquid milk      Monkey bread juice
   Cheese      Guava juice
   Yogurt      Pineapple juice
      Orange juice
Vegetables and Vegetable Juices (n = 21): Sweets/Sweeteners (n = 4): Desserts (n = 4):
Vegetables (n = 19)    Sugar    Cake
   Tomato    Honey    Chocolate croissant
   Lettuce    Chocolate    Milk flavored biscuit
   Carrot    Cocoa powder    Hard mint candy
   Corn Sauces (n = 5):  
   Eggplant    Bissap paste/sauce Beverages (not fruit/veg) (n = 7):
   Okra    (hibiscus)    Water
   Garlic    Lemon sauce    Tea
   Onion    Red pepper powder/sauce    Coffee
   Potato    Peanut paste/sauce    Soda
   Turnip    Sauce    Fanta
   Cucumber      Beer
   Green bean Fats (n = 3):    Red wine
   Green pepper    Butter  
   Green pea    Mayonnaise  
   Petit pois    Oil  
   Green olive Condiments/Spices (n = 4):  
   Cowpeas    Salt  
Vegetable Juices (n = 2)    Black pepper  
   Root juice    Mustard  
   Ginger juice    Ketchup  
  1. aExcludes eggs found in cakes, breads, mayonnaise, pasta, etc.
  2. bIncludes flour, cornmeal and yeast disaggregated from recipes for items like pizza and fataya