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Table 2 Frequency of responses to survey questions regarding the benefits and barriers of FV consumption

From: Consumption of fruit and vegetables among elderly people: a cross sectional study from Iran

Perceived benefits   No. %
  I can find any kind of FV in my local stores 381 95.25
  FV contain more vitamins and minerals 379 94.75
  FV decrease the risk of chronic disease 330 82.50
  FV make our diet diverse 327 81.75
  Eating FV is a good way for treating chronic disease 330 82.50
  Eating FV would help me to be less aggressive 317 79.25
  Eating FV treats constipation 315 78.75
  Eating FV would help me maintain my weight 311 77.75
  Eating more FV advised by physicians 285 71.25
  Eating FV cheering my family members 274 61.75
  Eating FV is common in my culture 264 66.00
  Eating FV would keep me from getting sick 145 36.25
  Eating FV would help me to live longer 130 32.50
  I feel I am caring my body health if I eat more FV 119 29.75
  By eating FV I feel better 59 14.75
Perceived barriers    
  Eating FV is expensive 222 55.50
  Habit of eating FV has been established since childhood 153 38.25
  Eating FV leads to overeating 147 36.75
  Media advertisements are not about eating FV 127 31.75
  I do not have time to prepare FV 107 26.75
  Eating more FV is not recommended in my culture 95 23.75
  My family members do not like consumption of FV 82 20.50
  Eating more FV is difficult for me 82 20.50
  I have health problems (like flatus) with eat FV 80 20.00
  I have limitation ways to provide FV in my meal 80 20.00
  I do not like taste of FV 38 9.50