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Table 3 Median scores and mean ranks of COX-2 expression according to group

From: Germinated brown rice (GBR) reduces the incidence of aberrant crypt foci with the involvement of β-catenin and COX-2 in azoxymethane-induced colon cancer in rats

Group Median score* Mean score
AOM + basal diet
6.00a 324.16
AOM + basal diet + 2.5 g/kg of GBR
5.00b 241.72
AOM + basal diet + 5 g/kg of GBR
4.00c 182.25
AOM + basal diet +10 g/kg of GBR
4.00c 170.04
Basal diet alone (G5) 3.00d 54.15
  1. *Median scores with different superscript are significantly different at p < 0.05 (Mann-Whitney U-test).