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Table 1 Cut-off Values for the Fatty Acid Ratios which place the Levels of Total Omega-3 Fatty Acids, DHA, and EPA+DHA in the 'Lower Risk' Categories with 95% Confidence Level

From: Correlation of omega-3 levels in serum phospholipid from 2053 human blood samples with key fatty acid ratios

  Cut-offs for Fatty Acid Ratios
Fatty Acid Levels * (Lower Risk Category) Omega-6:Omega-3 AA:EPA AA:DHA AA:(EPA+DHA)
Total Omega-3 (≥7.2) <4.5 <5.0 <1.8 <1.4
DHA (≥4.5) <3.0 <1.1 <1.5 <0.45
EPA+DHA (≥4.6) <5.8 <9.2 <2.5 <2.1
  1. * The 'lower risk' categories for total omega-3, DHA, and EPA+DHA levels (as % of total fatty acids in serum phospholipid) are for coronary heart disease in the case of total omega-3 and DHA [3, 4] and for fatal ischemic heart disease in the case of EPA+DHA [4, 5].