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Table 4 Results of validation of HPTLC method [19].

From: From functional food to medicinal product: Systematic approach in analysis of polyphenolics from propolis and wine

Validation data Value
linearity r > 0.99
repeatability of the sample application and intra-day precision RSD < 3.8%
repeatability of peak-area measurement RSD < 2.4%
accuracy RSD < 6.5%
limit of detection PME 7.5 ng/band
IFA 7.5 ng/band
CA 60 ng/band
limit of quantification PME 22.5 ng/band
IFA 22.5 ng/band
CA 180 ng/band
inter-day precision and stability of standard solutions RSD < 5% (two days)
stability on the plate RSD < 3.4% (up to 2 hours)*
effect of temperature RSD < 4.6% (20/26°C)
selectivity absorption spectra matching > 0.99
  1. *only caffeic acid degraded up to 9.4% in 120 minutes, but as the analysis lasts less, this was not of great significance; CA: caffeic acid; IFA: isoferulic acid; PME: pinocembrin-7-methylether; RSD: relative standard deviation.