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Table 2 Odds ratios (95% CI) to have a first ever stroke (any type) using mean centered, univariance standardized values of the 17:0 proportion of the plasma phospholipid fraction when standardizing for possible biological and dietary confounders

From: Stroke and plasma markers of milk fat intake – a prospective nested case-control study

Variables included in adjusted models n-values Odds ratio (95% CI)
   BMI, s-cholesterol, tobacco use SBP, DBP1 111 0.37 (0.18–0.74)
   Physical Activity (work and leisure) 66 0.42 (0.20–0.90)
   Fish (lean and fatty types)2 116 0. 40 (0.23–0.71)
   Fruits2 115 0.42 (0.24–0.72)
   Vegetables2 66 0.42 (0.19–0.92)
   Alcohol2 75 0.43 (0.22–0.85)
  1. 1s- for serum, and SBP and DBP for systolic and diastolic blood pressure, respectively.
  2. 2Foods were entered into the models as servings per day for fruits (berries, apples, bananas and citrus fruits), vegetables (white cabbage, root beets, tomatoes, cucumber, spinach and frozen vegetables, and alcohol (wine, beer and spirits). For varying n-values see the Material and Methods section. Models employing the optically readable FFQs (n = 66) followed the same trend as data presented in the Table.