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Table 1 Tissues collected at necropsy and microscopically evaluated in the control and high dose treatment groups

From: The safety of PolyGlycopleX® (PGX®) as shown in a 90-day rodent feeding study

Lungs Trachea Thymus Heart
Sternum with bone marrow Adrenals Liver Spleen
Kidneys Thyroid/parathyroid Urinary bladder Ovaries uterus & fallopian tubes
Vagina Esophagus Ileum Cecum
Peripheral nerve (sciatic) Jejunum Stomach Duodenum
Accessory genital organs (prostate and seminal vesicles) Colon Rectum Representative lymph node (mesenteric & mandibular)
Pancreas Pituitary Aorta Female mammary gland
Harderian gland Skin Nasal turbinates Skeletal muscle
Epididymides Testes Eyes