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Table 1 Composition of wine used in study

From: Red wine consumption increases antioxidant status and decreases oxidative stress in the circulation of both young and old humans

Compounds Amount
Total Anthocyanins 129 mg/L
Degree of ionisation of anthocyanins 24.85 %
Degree of ionisation of anthocyanins-abolishing effect of sulphur dioxide 31.56 %
Total phenolics 40 a.u.
Total polyphenolsa 1.558 g/L
Red wine colour – density 8.4 a.u.
Red wine colour – hue 0.83 a.u.
Chemical age index #1 0.59 a.u.
Chemical age index #2 0.26 a.u.
Free sulfur dioxide, excluding anthocyanin bound sulphur dioxide 1.04 mg/L
Alcohol 13.0 %
  1. a Epicatechin equivalents.
  2. a.u. Absorbance units.