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Table 4 Examples of Reported Changes in Health in answer to question

From: Low carbohydrate diets in family practice: what can we learn from an internet-based support group

Examples of Reported Changes in Health
"I no longer have diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, joint pain, back pain and loss of energy.''
"I started low carbing for diabetes. My 3 month blood sugar was 8.9 when diagnosed. It is now 5.4. My doctor is thrilled with my diabetes control and as a side benefit, I lost all that weight! "
"I'm controlling my diabetes without meds or injecting insulin (with an a1c below 5), my lipid profile has improved, I've lost weight, I've gained both strength and endurance, and I've been able to discontinue one of my blood pressure meds.''
"I have much more energy, fewer colds or other health problems. I was able to go completely off oral diabetes medication.''
"All health issues have improved. I am now exercising, sleeping better, asthma is improved, diabetes is constantly under control, high blood pressure maintaining normal levels, no longer constantly depressed, not constantly fatigued.''
"My blood sugar is controlled, cholesterol lowered, acid reflux gone, edema gone, skin clear and healthy. I have chronic low blood pressure and used to have dizzy spells if I stood up too quickly, but those are gone since I've been low carbing."
"For years I had not menstruated regularly at all, but upon starting the diet I have a completely normal menstrual cycle.''
"I have not had any allergic asthma episodes since starting low carb. I have more energy and generally feel better when I stick to low carb eating.''
"Cutting out sugar cleared up a constant condition of plugged sinuses.''
"I have Crohns Colitis. I have noticed a tremendous improvement in that condition since I have cut out sugar in all forms. I have much more energy and I just feel better in general.''
  1. Selection from answers to Question 41.