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Table 2 Polyphenol intake from a single serving of red wine or dealcoholized red wine

From: Single and repeated moderate consumption of native or dealcoholized red wine show different effects on antioxidant parameters in blood and DNA strand breaks in peripheral leukocytes in healthy volunteers: a randomized controlled trial [ISRCTN68505294]

Serving, mL 200 175
Total phenolics,3 mg CE 293.2 271.6
TEAC, mmol/L 3.8 2.7
Phenolic acids   
   Gallic acid, mg 8.0 9.4
   Caffeic acid,1 mg 3.7 3.1
   p-Coumaric acid,2 mg 0.7 0.8
   Catechin, mg 26.5 10.8
   Epicatechin, mg 14.4 8.5
   Malvidin, mg 8.5 4.7
   Peonidin, mg 1.0 0.5
  1. RW: Red wine; DRW: dealcoholized red wine; CE: catechin equivalents; TEAC: trolox equivalent antioxidant capacity
  2. 1calculated from caftaric acid
  3. 2calculated from p-coumaroyl-glucosyl-tartrate
  4. 3Folin method