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Table 7 Adjusted regression coefficients (SE) of Mexican American ethnicity (yes/no) as a predictor of difference of measured and self-reported BMI by gender in NHANES III

From: Ethnic variation in validity of classification of overweight and obesity using self-reported weight and height in American women and men: the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey

Variable N Demographic-Adjusted* 95% CI Demographic-and health-adjusted+ 95% CI
Men 7552 1.28** 0.87–1.69 1.20** 0.81–1.59
Women 8142 2.35** 1.68–3.03 2.19** 1.51–2.87
  1. CI, confidence interval
  2. *adjusted for age (y), education < 12 years (yes/no), marital status (married/single), region (South vs other), metropolitan residence (yes/no).
  3. +Adjusted for the above plus smoking status (smoker/nonsmoker) and poor self-reported health (yes/no)
  4. ** p < 0.01