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Table 1 Effect of quercetin treatment of SW480 cells on the volume of protein spots on 2-D gels. The 2-D gels of protein from the untreated (control) and quercetin-treated SW480 cells were analyzed with Phoretix software. Normalized spot volumes were computed, averaged for two separate experiments run concurrently, and compared between the control and quercetin-treated gels. The 2-D gels obtained from one of the experiments are presented in Fig. 2. Results are the means, from the two experiments, for protein spots that differed in volume consistently in these two experiments and a subsequent two experiments. Alongside these results in parentheses are the mean results from the second set of two experiments.

From: The effects of quercetin on SW480 human colon carcinoma cells: a proteomic study

Protein spot number Control volume Quercetin volume Increase/Decrease Fold change
1 6.61 (1.65) 2.89 (1.35) Decrease -2.29 (-1.22)
2 5.91 (4.18) 2.06 (3.26) Decrease -2.87 (-1.28)
3 0.118 (0.036) 0.243 (0.108) Increase +2.06 (+3.00)
4 0.411 (0.102) 0.088 (nd) Decrease -4.67 (-high)