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Table 1 Homocysteine lowering intervention trials for the prevention of CVD.

From: Homocysteine and reactive oxygen species in metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes mellitus, and atheroscleropathy: The pleiotropic effects of folate supplementation

1. SEARCH:Study of the effectiveness of additional reduction in cholesterol and homocysteine. University of Oxford, England.
2. PACIFIC:Prevention with a combined inhibitor of folate in coronary heart disease. University of Sydney, Australia.
3. WACS:Women's antioxidant and cardiovascular disease study. Harvard Medical School, USA.
4. CHAOS-2:Cambridge heart antioxidant study. University of Cambridge, England.
5. NORVITE:Norwegian study of homocysteine lowering with B-vitamins in myocardial infarction. University of Tromso, Norway.
6. BERGEN:Bergen vitamin study. University of Bergen, Norway.
7. HOPE-2:Health outcome and prevention evaluation number 2. Canada.
8. VISP: Vitamin intervention for stroke prevention. Wake Forest University, USA.
9. VITATOPS:Vitamins to prevent strokes. Perth, Australia.
10. IST-2:International strokes trial number 2. Auckland, New Zealand.