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Table 2 Characteristics of the patients

From: Gut mucosal and plasma concentrations of glutamine: a comparison between two enriched enteral feeding solutions in critically ill patients

  Age Formula Gender Diagnosis at the time of admission ICU Outcome
1 52 NTS F Meningo-encephalitis – Cerebral aneurysm Deceased
2 75 NTS M Spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage Survived
3 49 NTS M Post-anoxic encephalopathy Survived
4 62 ALI F Subarachnoid hemorrhage Survived
5 49 ALI F Subarachnoid hemorrhage Survived
6 37 ALI F Spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage Survived
7 55 STR F Cerebral trauma Survived
8 64 STR F Post-surgical cerebral hemorrhage Survived
9 67 STR F Subarachnoid hemorrhage Survived