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Table 1 De-promoted food groups

From: Impact of the Healthy Foods North nutrition intervention program on Inuit and Inuvialuit food consumption and preparation methods in Canadian Arctic communities

Category Food items
High-fat meats Beef hamburger, chicken nuggets, fried chicken, lunch meat including klik and corned beef, pepperoni sticks, fish battered and fried*, hot dogs, and sausage or wieners.
High-fat dairy Whole milk, carnation, cream, and half and half.
Refined grains Fried bannock, white bread, sweet cereals including frosted flakes, and honey nut cheerios.
Unhealthy drinks Regular pop, sweetened juice, sweetened drink including Tang, fruit punch, and kool-aid.
Unhealthy snacks All chips, cheese curls, and regular popcorn.
Unhealthy additions Regular coffeemate, sugar or honey, regular salad dressing, regular butter, margarine, lard, and mayo.
  1. *Nunavut.
  2. Northwest Territories.