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Table 2 Quality rating scheme

From: A systematic review of types of healthy eating interventions in preschools

Rating Definition Study description Design & methods
* Weak Many details missing (three or more of the following: setting, intervention design, duration, intensity, population or statistical analysis) irrelevant design or methods Methodological flaws (in statistical methods used or design of intervention) or the intervention was in a non-natural environment i.e. food laboratory
** Moderate One or two details missing Small sample size (<50) or short duration (<one week)
*** Strong One or two details missing Larger sample size or longer duration
**** Very Strong Clearly presented with all details provided Larger sample size or longer duration and at least one of the following criteria: population randomly allocated or matched for intervention or control, generalizable results, or validated dietary assessment
  1. Adapted from Seymour et al. [15]. Table 2 showing the standars for quality rating of the studies.