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Table 4 Adult fiber recommendations and average intakes in selected countries

From: CODEX-aligned dietary fiber definitions help to bridge the ‘fiber gap’

Country/Region Recommended fiber intake (g/day) Median intake (g/day) Body issuing the requirement
US and Canada Males 38 16.5-19.4 North America – Jointly use the IOM report from the National Academy of Sciences
Females 25 12-15
France Males 30 21 Agence française de sécurité sanitaire des aliments (French food safety agency)
Females 25 17
Germany Males 30 24 German Nutrition Society
Females 30 21
Japan Males 30 17 Japanese Ministry of Health
Females 25 17
UK Males 18* 15.2 UK Department of Health
Females 18* 12.6
  1. *Lower requirements due to use of the NSP method.